I have always enjoyed a twisted tale. After completing “The Walrus Was Paul” and discussing the Paul is Dead clues it seemed only natural to research the greatest myths, legends, and curses in rock and roll history. I visited Robert Johnson’s crossroads with some friends shortly after finishing the book and was involved in a series of strange unexplained coincidences. I suppose urban legends always need to be shown proper respect.

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Selected Works

Rock & Roll Urban Legend
The story of the great "Paul Is Dead" myth of the late '60's and early '70's.
Rock & Roll Myths & Legends
Macabre tales of rock and roll legends & myths...
The latest installment in the strange and bizarre history of Rock and Roll
Does new so-called "forensic evidence" prove Paul is Dead"?


R. Gary Patterson
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Here I am with George Noory in studio while I was in LA

Giorgio and I in Toronto..."I'm not saying it was aliens.."

Richard Syrett host of "The Conspiracy Show," weekend Coast to Coast host and my partner in some new exciting concepts..

Frequently Asked Questions:

How did you develop an interest in this subject matter?
I grew up at the perfect time to appreciate the music of the British Invasion, the psychedelic period, and the other musical periods that were generated afterwards. I love the music as well as the bands and heard a number of "whispered" myths and legends concerning these acts over the years. It was fun doing the research and exploring them for the reader. I suppose I'm a great deal of fun at parties when we discuss these "strange" tales from the rock 'n' roll graveyard.

Why didn't you include an answer key for "The Ultimate Beatle Death Clue Quiz?"
Well, it is the ULTIMATE game. If you know all the answers you're an expert. If not, you need to read the book. I also think that providing the "answers" in an index makes it just too easy. However, the answers are ALL in the book. When the "clues" came out everyone went searching for answers. This way I can give an outline for the reader to explore the information and come to a better understanding of the subject material.

How much of the material in The Walrus Was Paul are you serious about and how much is "tongue in cheek?"
If you have to ask then my purpose must be very successful :-)

Do you believe in "backward messages" on albums?
There are true backward tracks on recordings. A good example of this would be the Beatles' "Rain." However, as far as "phonetic reversals" go, the message can be in the ear of the listener. Sometimes "guided listening" by others lead to interpretations of simple sounds without sinister connotations. Then there IS the strange story of "Stairway to Heaven"---

Can I sign up for a newsletter to receive information of your upcoming releases and appearances?
Ask and you shall receive. Just sign up for my newsletter on this site and you'll always be the first to know of all my releases and appearances.

Are there REALLY "Paul is Dead" clues on the cover of "The Walrus Was Paul?"
When Fireside Books asked me about the cover design I told my editor that I wanted "clues" on the cover. This was done. Simon and Schuster explain some of the clues on the back jacket cover HOWEVER my clues have as of yet not been solved. I want to give the reader the opportunity to discover his/​her own "clues" and give the proper interpretation. Can you find the clues?

Ok, Is Paul REALLY dead?
Well, read the book then tell me what you think!

Have you had some spooky experiences researching your books?
My next release will detail a few of these stories.

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