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“HELLHOUNDS ON THEIR TRAIL: Tales From The Rock & Roll Graveyard”

“I find it interesting that the origins of rock and roll started at a deserted country crossroads just outside Clarksdale, Mississippi. Whatever forces Robert Johnson unleashed there have claimed many of rock and roll’s greatest stars. In this volume the recurring theme goes back to the Johnson mystique of supernatural soliciting, early death, irony and strange coincidences.”
R. Gary Patterson

Following the success of “The Walrus Was Paul,” Patterson now offers up a new collection of frightening tales which includes musicians who waited at deserted country crossroads and “sold their souls to the devil,” the strange ironies associated with the tragic deaths of many of rock and roll’s most popular icons, song lyrics that proved prophetic, unsolved murders, and other tales from the fell clutch of circumstance. In overview, “Hellhounds On Their Trail: Tales From The Rock & Roll Graveyard”, examines the crossroads where fact and history intersect with The Twilight Zone and explode into an eerie, burning chasm of coincidence. “Hellhounds On Their Trail: Tales From The Rock & Roll Graveyard” unveils a frightening, fresh look at facts and legends; addresses the myths; details the facts; moreover, it substantiates a provocative group of “did-you-knows” that any reader will find fascinating and maybe just a little terrifying. You’ll never listen to rock music the same way again!

“Take one part X-Files and one part Led Zeppelin, then mix in some Unsolved Mysteries and add a dash of Marilyn Manson and you’ve got a spooky, wickedly fun romp through rock ‘n’ roll’s dark side in the book Hellhounds on Their Trail: Tales From the Rock and Roll Graveyard (Dowling Press, $15.95…Hellhounds takes you on a tour of the quirky and creepy evnts in rock history from the conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Jim Morrison to the sinister truth behind the Rolling Stones ‘Sympathy for the Devil.’…Unlike a lot of other rock books, penned by hacks in search of a quick dollar, Hellhounds has a fluid, literary style that will keep you glued to the couch until you finish it. Then you’ll probably want more from Patterson, the self-styled Fox Mulder of rock ‘n’ roll. Have no fear Hellhounds, Volume 2 is already in the works!”

Gemma Tarlach, The Next


“Hellhounds on Their Trail” available again SOON!

I’m very aware of the high cost of a used copy of “Hellhounds on Their Trail.” Many of you have waited several years just to find a copy at a reasonable price. Here is the GOOD news. I purchased all my rights back to “Hellhounds on Their Trail” from Dowling Press a little over a year ago and have arranged with Simon and Schuster (Fireside Books) to release “Take a Walk on the Darkside: Rock and Roll Myths, Legends, and Curses.” The title is new, BUT it will contain every story you’ve heard me tell on Coast to Coast AM as well as other stations across the country.

This work is the same that served as a basis for VH1 Confidential. The only difference is there are new stories. This is the way I always wanted “Hellhounds on Their Trail” to be. Now, I have the chance to bring you a book that I feel is totally superior to the earlier work. I am also ecstatic that you will be able to purchase “Take a Walk on the Darkside” in July of 2004 and for a retail price UNDER $15.00! I am currently writing the next volume of tales that I hope to see released in 2005.

Please check my site for updates and sign up for the newsletter to get the first word on the release date. If you are on my mailing list, I will be more than happy to sign a copy of any of my works for you. That is my way of saying, “Thank you” for listening and for your support. I’ll have more details concerning this offer in a future newsletter….Gary