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“The Walrus Was Paul: The Great Beatle Death CLues”

The Walrus Was Paul is loaded…mind-blowing stuff from the best Beatles book yet! My #1 choice for Beatlemaniacs’ twisted trivia.”
–Jim Zippo, ABC Radio Network“What a great adventure R. Gary Patterson takes you on as he, piece by piece, lays out every clue to the great Beatle death hoax…a must read for any fan of the Fab Four!”
J. Fox, ABC Pure Gold, Beatles Archives

“A book most die-hard Beatles’ fans will cherish—fascinating!
The Book Reader


Several years ago the concept of urban legends was basically an academic area. Jan Harold Brunvand published a series of books exploring vanishing hitchhikers, choking Dobermans, hidden axe murderers in the back seats of cars, and every babysitter’s nightmare-she’s all alone in a strange house with a homicidal maniac hiding somewhere in the darkness. The purpose of urban legends was to teach a viable moral lesson. For instance, teenagers parking in deserted lover’s lanes face the terror of being horribly butchered for their lack of good old-fashioned morality.
With the publication of “The Walrus Was Paul”, Gary Patterson introduced the urban legend genre to pop music. In 1969, the “Paul is Dead” rumors spread across American radio airwaves like wildfire. Some of the “clues” were manufactured by the media to help lend credence to the bizarre rumor of Paul McCartney’s supposed death in a car accident. Certainly, many of these clues were stretches, but several were so startling that they had to be placed by the Beatles themselves. These cryptic clues have helped to keep yet another generation wondering, “What if this story is true?”


The Ultimate
Beatle Death Clue
QuizAfter reading the many clues in this book, it is time for you, dear reader, to try your hand at answering some trivia questions. See if you can earn your doctorate in Beatlemania by answering the following questions:

1. Where can the clue “Paul?” be found?
2. Give three interpretations for the fade out message at the conclusion of “Strawberry Fields Forever.”
3. In which Beatles video does Ringo play a bass drum that read “Love 3 Beatles”?
4. What did the term “walrus” supposedly represent to investigators?
5. What did the open hand over Paul’s head on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band suggest?
6. Which famous attorney conducted a television hearing exploring the infamous death clues?
7. What was the day, month, and year of the tragic accident that Paul McCartney?
8 . Which DJ in Detroit, Michigan, broke the death clues to an unsuspecting world?
9. In which Beatle song can a listener hear Lennon state that “Paul Is Dead now, miss him, miss him, miss him!” (Remember the track must be played backward!)?
10. Who is Joe Ephgrave?
11. In which song does Ringo state, “You were in a car crash and you lost your hair”?
12. What is the importance of the message “BE AT LESO”?
13. Who was the mysterious girl Paul was with the night of the accident. Remember, he “took her home [and he] nearly made it”?
14. What is the symbolism behind the black walrus?
15. Give three reasons why John Lennon couldn’t have been the walrus.
16. What automobile was McCartney driving the night of the accident? On which album jacket does this car appear?
17. What Shakespearean play is heard during the fade-out of “I am the Walrus”?
18. In which Beatles song does John Lennon sing of a mysterious victim who “blew his mind out in a car”?
19. George Harrison supposedly moans Paul’s name over and over in the fade-out of which Beatle classic?
20. On “Revolution 9” the engineer’s voice repeats “Number 9, Number 9” over and over. What does the voice say when the track is reversed?
21. Why is Paul’s back turned to the camera on the backside of the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album?
22. Give three clues that suggest that it is Paul in the black walrus suit on the cover of the Magical Mystery Tour.
23. What significance do the death clues borrow from Edgar Allen Poe, Lewis Carroll, William Shakespeare, Carl Jung, and James Joyce?
24. What is the symbolism behind the number nine? How does it relate to John Lennon?
25. What is the purpose of the line, “monsieur, monsieur, how about another one?”
26. Explain the importance of “LMW 28IF.”
27. On which album cover do investigators claim a mysterious phone number is given to help explain the tragic fate of Paul McCartney?
28. Where is the hidden death’s head on the back of the Abbey Road album?
29. Which death clue is associated with “connect the dots”?

30. What is the name of the mysterious double who was said to have taken Paul McCartney’s place?
31. Which investigator flew to England and claimed that the only way he would believe that Paul McCartney was still alive would be if Paul’s fingerprints matched his 1965 passport?
32. Where do we find the death clue “I Was”?
33. Who knows “what it’s like to be dead”?
34. What do the liner photos from The White Album seem to suggest?
35. How do the Beatle death clues relate to the Fisher King symbol?
36. In which Beatle song does John Lennon state that “one and one and one is three”?
37. Give the two death clues associated with Life magazine’s cover photo and The Magical McCartney Mystery article.
38. Explain the hidden meaning behind the Abbey Road cover.
39. What interpretation is made of the White Album?
40. How many Beatle songs refer to mysterious car accidents?
41. Describe the hidden death clue behind the Beatles’ Yesterday and Today album.
42. In which song does Lennon state that “the walrus was Paul”?
43. Which album cover contains a series of dots that when connected reveals the hidden message “3 Beatles”?
44. Compare the Beatle death clues to James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake.
45. What death clue is associated with Rubber Soul?
46. What death clue is associated with Revolver?
47. What role did Charles Manson play in hidden Beatle messages?
48. What message is spelled out in yellow hyacinth flowers on the Sgt. Pepper’s cover?
49. Where is the line, “So alright Paul we had better go and see a surgeon” found?
50. Where can Paul be seen wearing a black carnation?
51. In this liner photo, Paul is seen lying back in a bathtub. This was supposed to represent McCartney as a headless corpse. Where is this photo found?
52. What is the significance of the OPD arm patch found on the inside of the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band album?
53. What color is the back of the Sgt. Pepper’s album? What does this supposedly represent?
54. According to Life magazine, a sonogram was made comparing Paul’s voice in separate vocal arrangements. What were the results of this study?
55. Where can a listener discern, “Get Me Out! Get Me Out!”?
56. What is the basic idea behind the conspiracy and cover-up involving the “Paul Is Dead” rumor?
57. Which song, played backward of course, seems to say “Turn Me On Dead Man?”
58. On which Beatle song fade-out can the following messages be heard: “Bury My Body,” “Oh, Untimely Death,” and “What? Is He Dead?”
59. In which Beatle song is Paul’s double introduced for the first time?
60. What is the hidden meaning for the eggman’s “goo goo goo joob”?
61. Where can one find Paul’s bloody shoes?
62. Where an one find a blood-stained driving glove?
63. Where, on the Sgt. Pepper’s cover, is the flaming car?
64. What is the meaning behind the Let It Be cover?
65. In which song does John ask us to
“look through the bent back tulips”?
66. What is the purpose of John “fixing a hole in the ocean”?
67. What does the 1966 Beatles release Oldies suggest?
68. What clue suggests that the death hoax was intended for American audiences?
69. How do the songs “How Do You Sleep” and “Back Off Boogaloo” related to the “Paul Is Dead” conspiracy?
70. Give the coincidence behind Paul’s Red Rose Speedway, Flowers In the Dirt and Paul Is Live.
71. What death clues are associated with the Butcher Cover?
72. What does the empty bowl of cherries form the McCartney solo album suggest?
73. Which Beatles song mentions a day when papers didn’t come?
74. What similarities can be found connecting the “Paul Is Dead” rumor to the OJ Simpson case?
75. Where can a listener find the hidden message “Paul is bloody…Paul is very bloody”?
76. What is the irony behind Paul’s barefoot walk across Abbey Road?
77. Name the city where the Paul Is Dead rumors began. Why is this significant?
78. What could Paul McCartney’s solo album Flowers In The Dirt be a reference to?
79. What supposedly became of Jane Asher, Paul’s one-time fiancee?
80. Cite one death clue on McCartney’s Off The Ground album.
81. What is strange about the background of Paul’s photograph on Let It Be?
82. What does each Beatle supposedly represent on Abbey Road?
83. What instrument does McCartney hold on the Sgt. Pepper’s cover? Why is this unusual?
84. What did some sleuths make of Wings, the name of McCartney’s band?
85. Give two explanations for Paul’s position (facing the camera directly) on Sgt. Pepper’s.
86. The end chord on Sgt. Pepper’s is symbolic of what?
87. Where can McCartney be found in the fetal position?
88. What clues can be associated with Apple?
89. How are the drum from Sgt. Pepper’s and the onion (Glass Onion) similar? How does this relate to Lewis Carroll?
90. What is the imperfection in BEATLES on the back of Abbey Road?
91. Where does McCartney appear with scars above his upper lip?
92. Who was Billy Shears? What did many fans consider the mysterious name?
93. What is the M&D Company?
94. Where does Paul appear in a Acoffin@​?
95. Why did Paul grow a mustache for Sgt. Pepper’s?
96. “Come Together” possibly refers to what scene?
97. What is significant about Beatles as opposed to The Beatles?
98. How do death clue researchers interpret the blurred image on the back of Abbey Road?
99. What is significant about the guitar strings on Sgt. Pepper’s?
100. How did the epaulets the Beatles wear on Sgt. Pepper’s contribute to the death clue hysteria?
101. Where does the image of the flaming car appear?
102. What do the Anautical voices@​ in AYellow Submarine@​ seem to say?
103. In “Only a Northern Song”, what does George Harrison warn the listener?
104. Were any hidden messages placed in Morse Code? Where is it said to be found?