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Coast to Coast AM–Jan. 24th, 2008–Robby Kreiger and Ray Manzarek of the Doors come to Coast to Coast.

During the last two years, George and I have discussed the possibility of Jim Morrison faking his death in Paris, “possibly’ living as a “cowboy” in Oregon, and a number of individuals claiming to be children of the Lizard King. To best answer these questions, and to take your calls, I’ve arranged to have Robby Kreiger, the Doors great guitarist and co-writer along with Jim Morrison of many of the Doors greatest hits, appear with George and me on the show. Help celebrate what is now the Doors’ 40th anniversary. Robby and Ray Manzarek perform in “Riders on The Storm” and provide incredible shows keeping their music alive to a new generation. Here’s you chance to call in and speak to a living legend about the music and the man–Jim Morrison. If you have a question you’d like me to bring up send me an email–of course I’d love you to call in and speak to Robby yourself. I know he would enjoy it.
Believe me you won’t want to miss this show!

Congratulations to Samantha for winning the copy of “Hellhounds on Their Trail.”

Sunday Night January 27 I’ll be a guest on the Alan Handelman Show. Listen in on I believe the show begins at 10:00 PM EST.