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Tonight on Coast to Coast

I’ll be on Coast to Coast tonight with my friend Ian. I have a feeling we’ll be talking about Michael Jackson’s latest rumors and comparing the events surrounding Jackson’s death with Jim Morrison and others in the pop culture field.

Next week on my blog I plan to get back into the Paul is Dead rumors with examination of photographs claiming that Paul is dead. Read my article on the new “Paul is Dead” clues and then view the photographs for yourself. By the way did you see Paul on Letterman? He seems to still like to play with the idea of the impostor theory.

I’ll have this years “Hell hounds on Their Trail” give away within two weeks. Check your email since the first correct set of answers gets the book.

I had a great time in LA shopping several projects. The good news is that they are in development. The bad news is—they are in development. At least they are half way there!

Hopefully, Ian will take a few calls for me as I always love to hear from you!

Keep rocking!