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The Lennon Prophecy on Pop Odyssey

Thursday night October 14th, Joseph Niezgoda will be our guest discussing his controversial theory that John Lennon sold his soul to the devil for fame and fortune. Many of you have heard me with Joe on Coast to Coast and the Richard Syrett Show. One think that I do know is that Joe is always interesting.

In our last two shows we’ve heard Carl Bunch discuss the Winter Dance Party tour and how Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper visited Carl in a dream while “the frost bitten” Cricket was in the hospital missing his chance for the last seat in the Beechcraft Bonanza airplane that tragic night of Feb. 3, 1959. One psychic claimed that there was a heated argument on the plane shortly after takeoff, while another psychic referred to a defective fuel line as the result of the crash.

Last night crime writer Anthony Bruno was our guest as we discussed the disappearance of James Hoffa. There were a few shocks on the show last night as a psychic stated that Hoffa had made it out of the country and lived into his 80s. We’ll have a few surprises in store for tomorrow night as well. Happy 70th birthday, John!

I would love it if as many of you as possible would call in. The call in number is 615-866-1323. We also have Skype and we would love to hear from you.

Tuesday night we will discuss the infamous Lizzie Borden house and she if Lizzie really did “take an ax and give her mother forty wacks!” A week from tomorrow we will have celebrity psychic Christian Dion as our guest. You will love Christian and he has a greed to do a number of free readings for our listeners. My friend in London, Howard Hughes, raves about Christian’s abilities and is fond of telling a story of how there were over 250,000 callers to his radio show trying to get a reading from Christian.

More coming soon so tune in each Tuesday and Thursday nights at 9:00 PM EST until 11:00 PM EST. We have a delayed feed starting at 9:00 PM PST for our friends on the west coast. I hope to hear from YOU tomorrow night!

Rock on!!