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Going To Las Vegas: What are the best things to do and see in the city of all sins?

There is probably no other city on the planet that is likewise understood for its myths and legends. A mushroom city that grew in the middle of the desert, the temple of bling-bling and grand eyeglasses, city of fishing where sex and lust are never far away, the world capital of casinos and slot machines, a metropolis with big hotels often kitsch and geeks, in some cases magnificent and extraordinary. Las Vegas is a city with numerous aspects.

City a stop on the roadway to the great national parks of the American West, it is unimaginable to want to collar it in a couple of days. She is stunning, stunning, sad, and dazzling at the very same time. We love her or dislike her, however, something is particular: going to Las Vegas will not leave you indifferent!

To assist you plan your journey, we’ve listed the best things to do in Las Vegas for you:

National Atomic Screening Museum

When you’re settled in your hotel, and you have made the rounds of significant casinos and gaming spaces, it’s time to see what else Vegas can use. And checking out Las Vegas can be damn unexpected!

The National Atomic Screening Museum is both interesting and frightening. Through a great museography, he explores and documents the nuclear tests that were tested in the Nevada desert, north of Las Vegas. From the 1950s to the present, there is a slight odor of the Cold War, plutonium and bombs with limitless destructive capacities.

The Mafia museum

If you like museums, The Mob Museum is intriguing because it illustrates the controversial relationship between the mob and police in the historical context of Las Vegas and the United States as a whole.

And if you enjoy museums, consider going to the Neon Museum and the Las Vegas Museum of Nature and the DISCOVERY Children’s Museum if you include your kids.

CSI The Experience

If you like the series “The Experts” (CSI in initial variation), then this experience is for you! Think of a game-show in which you fix the riddles of one of the three criminal activity scenes rather of the team. Immersed in a multi-sensory scene with individual results and shock restoration, it’s time to put your observation abilities to the test!

Mandalay Bay Beach

All hotels normally have a pool. It should be said that the temperature level in Las Vegas can quickly end up being suffocating. So what could be much better than diving into the water to refresh and amuse? However here too, Las Vegas does nothing like everybody else.

Among the most amusing swimming pools is certainly Mandalay Bay, with its huge wave triggered at regular intervals, its fake sandy beach and its magical river.

Stratosphere Tower

For those trying to find strong emotions, the Stratosphere Tower is the location to turn. This grand tour, north of the Strip, provides a 360-degree view of Las Vegas but also offers a series of destinations to booking for the bravest having a Well-Hung Heart. Who says checking out Las Vegas is only for casinos?