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Welcome to Las Vegas

Crazy Hotels and casino, shows, high-flight attractions, people of all kinds, there’s a lot to see in Vegas!

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! The city of sin, bachelor parties, waste, madness, you never know what to expect from a trip to Vegas. Founded in one of the wet areas of the Mojave Desert in the state of Nevada, it was a Spanish adventurer (Antonio Armijo) who gave it its current name. Now it’s hard to imagine that the Strip, the grand avenue you have to see in Las Vegas, was just sand. If you think visiting this American city is just going from casino to casino, you’re very wrong! Today at Sky scanner we want to tell you everything you can do in Vegas.

  1. Going crazy on the Vegas Strip

If there’s one place to see in Vegas in-depth, it’s the Strip. This is one of the most famous avenues in the United States, and when you walk it, you will understand why Las Vegas is known as the “Capital of World Entertainment.” Not in vain, the translation of the English word “strip” is stripping, so it was named for the custom of casinos to pluck their players.

In this section of more than 6 kilometers of the avenue, Las Vegas Boulevard South, there are hotels and casinos with the most history, and you could spend days getting to know their most unusual places. Also, you will find the most visited shopping center, The Fashion Show Mall, hundreds of restaurants, bars, and discos Lively both day and night.

In more detail, the best casinos to see in Las Vegas are:

  • Bellagio Las Vegas: inspired by the Lake Como resort in Italy, what will impress you most (in addition to its elegance) is its substantial natural lake, where one of the most famous shows in Las Vegas takes place.
  • Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino: themed as if it were a Roman temple, it became even more famous when one of the scenes of the film Ocean’s Eleven was shot.
  • Luxor Resort & Casino: you’ll feel like you’ve arrived in Egypt when you see the massive pyramid of this Las Vegas hotel. It hallucinates with its Sphinx and the decoration of the interior, in the purest style of the Ancient Thebes.
  • The Venetian Las Vegas: a false blue sky under which gondolas circulate between artificial channels will welcome you if you visit this hotel you have to see in Las Vegas yes or yes.
  • MGM Grand Las Vegas: with tropical décor, the MGM is known for in him they place the greatest shows in Las Vegas.
  • New York-New York Hotel & Casino: inspired by the” city that never sleeps,” it will surprise you with its exterior appearance, which includes even a roller coaster.
  • Treasure Island Hotel Las Vegas: with a theme about piracy and sirens, what we like most about this hotel is that you can cross off the list something you have to do in Las Vegas compulsorily, put your boots on a buffet for a few dollars!
  • Circus Las Vegas: This hotel boasts the largest permanent circus in the world and is home to the Adventure dome amusement park.
  • Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino: this was one of the first casino hotels to be built in Las Vegas and one of the most beautiful thanks to its art deco style.
  1. Release adrenaline at Stratosphere Las Vegas and Adventure dome

Spending money on roulette in Las Vegas casinos is already a risky sport in itself, but you can go further and ride on one of its best-known attractions. For example, Big Shot is the highest attraction in the world. Located 281 meters high, in the Stratosphere hotel, you will experience a free fall of 49 meters to 72 kilometers per hour. In the same casino is X-Scream, which holds the title of the third highest attraction in the world and makes you feel like you’re falling into the void.

If you’re in love with roller coasters, include a visit to Adventure dome, The Circus Hotel’s amusement park on your trip to Vegas. Twenty-five attractions are waiting for you, including Canyon Blaster, one of the biggest roller coasters on the planet. On the other hand, if you don’t know what to do in Vegas with kids, at Adventure dome, you’ll find attractions suitable for them like Frog Hopper or Mike miner.

  1. Walking down Freemont Street and hallucinating the Freemont Street Experience

Another of the mythical places to see in Las Vegas is Fremont Street. Located in the old part of the city, this was the center of “the madness” before the development of the Strip. Its most well-known casino is the Golden Nugget, characteristic for it’s neon’s, which have been immortalized in dozens of films, including, Honey, I have enlarged the child. In our opinion, the best thing to do is to visit Freemont Street during the night, when you can enjoy its lights and the atmosphere that usually exists.

You can’t miss one of the best shows in Las Vegas: The Freemont Street Experience. This is a show of lights, sound, and video that is projected on one of the giant screens in the world, the one on the roof of the street. It’s free!

  1. Lower pulsations in Valle del Fuego State Park and the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Taking a trip to Vegas doesn’t just mean having to be between cement and asphalt. You can escape the madness of the city by visiting some of the surrounding natural parks. The State Park Valley of Fire is known for having spectacular red sandstone formations, which are a color even more reddish when the sun is on them, and boasts of having the Aztec Sandstone, which is molded from a stretch of sand dunes massive the age of the dinosaurs and in which you can admire traces of that era. This park is 90 kilometers from Las Vegas and can be traveled by car, although there are also some signposted trails for those who want to walk.

  1. Go to the meeting with the Bellagio fountains

A trip to Las Vegas wouldn’t be complete without seeing the famous Bellagio fountain show. It may sound a little strange to you that we put so much emphasis on this event, but we promise that it will surprise you. It is a vast choreography represented by more than 1,200 sources that move to the rhythm of melodies of all kinds. They say there are more than 30 variants! This Las Vegas show takes place from Monday to Friday, from 15: 00 to 19: 00, every half hour, and from 19:00 to 00:00, every 15 minutes. Weekends and holidays start at noon.

Although, as you can see, you have plenty of opportunities, try to get there a few minutes early to be in the front row. It’s usually full and worth seeing as close as possible.